Clear Paddles

  • Small Paddles are 10 inches (unless otherwise noted)
  • Medium Paddles are 14 inchesĀ (unless otherwise noted)
  • Large Paddles are 16 inchesĀ (unless otherwise noted)Clear paddles, glitter paddles, glow in the dark paddles, diamond embedded paddles, flower paddles, fetish paddles, birthstone paddles, seashell paddles, blood paddles, furry paddles, larping paddles, bdsm paddles, emerald embedded paddles, neon paddles, light up paddles, custom paddles, carbon fiber paddles, frat paddle, sorority paddle, unique paddles, jeweled paddles, pink paddles, purple paddles, blue paddles, black paddles, green paddles, violet paddles, fire paddles, orange paddles, yellow paddles, skull paddles, harley paddles, otk paddles, impact paddles, evil paddles, schoolhouse paddles, school paddles, lexan paddle, acrylic paddle

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